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Curriculum Vitae

Aiichiro Kohno

Date of Birth: 17/10/1985

Nationality: Japanese

2010 Master of Economics, University of Tokyo, Japan

2008 Bachelor of Commerce, Waseda University, Japan

2004 Diploma, Aiko High School, Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan

Papers & Reports

Papers & Reports made on Economics etc. in the Faculty and the Graduate School

・2010 Analysis of passenger's flight selection in the environment where there are multiple airports in nearby area ― Estimation of demand function for flight considering microfoundation [PDF]

・2008 Relationship between wage elasticity of labor demand and wage increase rate ― Theoretical analysis using the Special Factor Model [PDF]

・2009 Is the copyright management business market be monopolized if the charge contract with a broadcaster is flat rate? [PDF]

・2009 The economic relation between the climate change and the production elasticity of cereals about each countries' macrodata [PDF]

・2008 Analysis for factors of traffic accidents in 47 prefectures of Japan [PDF]

・2008 Consideration of "Farewell My Concubine" [PDF]

・2007 Why the Japanese government shocked that the US President Nixon visited to the People's Republic of China? [PDF]

・2006 Background and influence of the the Nazi Germany's defeat in World War II [PDF]

・2006 The perspective of Politics and Economy in Italy focusing on similarities and differences with Japan [PDF]

・2005 Analysis for the results of the 44th House of Representatives general election [PDF]

・2004 Can Taiwan establish a solid sovereign state status in the international society? [PDF]


Teaching materials such as Mathematics and World History used when teaching at the sub-seminar of the University and the preparatory schools

・2007 Economic mathematics topics ― The meaning and significance and of mathematical methods [PDF]

・2005 World history for the university entrance examination [PDF]

・2005 Basical Politics & Economy and Modern society for the university entrance examination [PDF]


Diaries and Essays

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